You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for authentic, specialty coffee, homegrown in the land of coffee’s origin – Ethiopia. From farming plants in the small town of Bonga, Ethiopia, where no other cash crop is produced more than coffee, we are proud to be representing the richness of Bonga’s coffee bean with our special touch of specialty beans to provide you with nothing less than the best quality.


At Lean Coffee, our integrated sourcing model is designed to align the need for roasters and coffee producers. We understand sourcing coffee from origins is a complex process that can only be accomplished through experienced coffee farmers, sagacious quality control, and seamless logistics, which has been the driving force to Lean Coffee’s success. Our business model is to streamline the supply chain by procuring coffee from producers with the right price and supplying roasters with specialty beans.

Lean Coffee from Lean Coffee on Vimeo.

Green bean samples?

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