Our Team

Our founder Yisehak(Is-haq) Awel comes from a third generation coffee producer. Prior to Lean Coffee, Yisehak experienced coffee production throughout his life, through his family’s farm and coffee exporting business. By being groomed at his family business, the skills acquired, the passion developed, and the aspirations sparked, paved the way to his unbridled endeavor into starting his own green coffee business.

Yisehak (Is-haq) Awel
Founder & CEO
Yisehak Awel
In 2015, Yisehak diverted from his entrepreneurial calling to work as an industrial engineer. But after a year of working as an engineer, the “lean bean” calling became too strong to ignore any further, as he decided to revert to his natural predilection in the coffee business. In spite of digressing from his business endeavors, he was still able to use some of the skill sets gained as an engineer to implement into Lean Coffee’s success.



Ali Melkamu
Logistics Manager
Ali Melkamu
Originally from northern Ethiopia, Ali brings in five years of fleet management experience. He and Yisehak were colleagues at Georgia State University. Their relationship in college, based on a trusting friendship and common career aspirations, transitioned to a lasting business partnership that paved the way to the birth Lean Coffee. Previously, Ali was a regional manager at Hertz in Washington D.C. Now at Lean Coffee, he now manages outbound logistics, import operation, and sample ordering.


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